Argentina is fortunate that Nature has given her beautiful places, especially the majestic Andes mountains With peaks over 14,000 feet high, ice and snow crowns them year round.

Many places in the Andes range are volcanic rock that host various agate deposits, many inaccessible or very difficult to mine, and generally all unique regarding color and patterns. Our company specializes in Argentina agate and we have prepared this website to let the rest of the world know about the diverse patterns and varieties of the agate available, Agates that you can see here are not for sale. The collection pictured here is in private hands, and we show you these rainbow colored masterpieces of nature's art for your enjoyment. Most of these specimens were collected from very difficult to reach localities, and there will always be a very limited amount available on the world market for collectors or jewelery manufacturers.

So here on these webpages we share our passion and love for Argentina's agates, with hopes that you also might see our material for sale on at shows and by contacting us.

NOTE: Agates that you can see here are not for sale, but we do have some of these varieties in stock for sale.